IN MARCH 2022, THE THIRD FULLY REVISED EDITION of the Jerome Biblical Commentary for the Twenty First Century was published, co-edited by CTU President, Sr. Barbara Reid, OP, and Chancellor Fr. Donald Senior, CP, together with Yale Old Testament professor John J. Collins, and Gina Hens-Piazza, professor of Old Testament at Santa Clara University.

This monumental volume of more than 2,000 pages is considered a premier resource for biblical study, offering complete commentaries on every book of the Bible along with numerous extended essays on the history, background, and essential features of the Bible and its interpretation–geared for preachers and religious educators as well as for lay men and women eager to learn about the Scriptures in depth.  

This completely new edition, which features a foreword by Pope Francis, includes the very latest scholarship by a broad range of international contributors offering a diverse range of perspectives and interpretations of the Scriptures from a Catholic vantage point. In addition to serving as co-editors, Reid contributed an article entitled,  “Feminist Biblical Interpretation” and Senior contributed  “Interpreting the Scriptures – the Church and the Modern Catholic Biblical Renewal.”

The first edition of this famed biblical resource published in 1968 followed immediately after the Second Vatican Council and its emphasis on the role of the Bible in the Church.  This first edition and a later 1990 edition were edited by Fr. Raymond Brown, SS, Fr. Joseph Fitzmyer, SJ, and Fr. Roland Murphy, OCarm, each considered among the most well-known Catholic biblical scholars of the late 20th century. 

“When Dominic Mattos of Bloomsbury Publishing approached me about creating a completely new edition of the Jerome Biblical Commentary, I was happy to get involved, even though I knew it would be an enormous project,” said Donald Senior, CP. 

“The previous two editions were created by some of the ‘greatest generation’ of Catholic scholars. Their mission was to bring the best of Catholic biblical scholarship to a broad audience–not in a sectarian or competitive spirit–but to draw on Catholic tradition and experience to enrich the meaning of the Scriptures for all Christians. It struck me as a worthwhile contribution to continue that mission for the community of faith for this generation.  So we put together an editorial team, sought the best contributors we could find, and the project was launched!  We even got Pope Francis to write the Foreword for the volume–an absolute coup!  Now that it is in print and beautifully presented, I am very grateful to have been part of this adventure!”

It struck me as a worthwhile contribution…for the community of faith for this generation. So we put together an editorial team, sought the best contributors…, and the project was launched! We even got Pope Francis to write the Foreword—an absolute coup! — DONALD SENIOR, CP

The launch of this monumental biblical resource is being celebrated by two grand public events, one in Rome at the Pontifical Biblical Institute and another later this summer at a session of the annual meeting of the Catholic Biblical Association of America.

CTU is proud that, along with the editors, several of its faculty, present and former, were among the contributors including:

  • John R. Barker, OFM – Zechariah
  • Dianne Bergant, CSA – Song of Songs
  • Laurie Brink, OP – Archaeology and the New Testament
  • Leslie J. Hoppe, OFM – Biblical Geography
  • văn Thanh Nguyễn, SVD – Acts of the Apostles 
  • Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ – Early Christianity in Context
  • Luma Khuder, OP * Haggai
  • David Monaco, CP * Ezra-Nehemiah
  • Ahida Calderón Pilarski* Lamentations

* CTU graduate