The Church needs genuine ministers of the gospel in order to carry out its God given mission. When well-formed religious and lay ministers can inspire, speak, and effectively address the world’s needs for reconciliation, peacemaking, and transcending boundaries, Christ’s body the Church is strengthened and its future made bright.

Donor Designated Endowments and Funds
Funds Functioning as Endowment
Ladies of Bethany Endowed Scholarship
Maryjeanne Burke Endowed Scholarship
Columban Scholarship
Loftus Family Endowed Scholarship
Rev. John Linnan, CSV Endowed Scholarship
Our Lady of Victory Endowed Scholarship
Óscar Romero Scholarship
Rev. Donald Senior, CP Endowed Scholarship
Mary Rose Shaughnessy Endowed Scholarship
Augustus Tolton Scholarship
Waraich Family Scholarship

Funds Functioning as Endowment
Bernardin Scholarship
General Scholarship Fund