WHEN you first became engaged with Catholic Theological Union, you couldn’t have imagined the role your charitable support for our mission would play in what we now know is a time of enormous import for our Church and our world.

Who could have imagined that trustworthy ministers of the gospel of justice and peace would be as sorely needed as they are today? —or that our Pope, a Jesuit who grew up among the poorest of the poor, would be urgently calling for spiritual formation that focuses as much on lay people as it does on the religious hierarchy?

The first followers of Jesus could also not have imagined the future impact of their radical decision to pool their resources and become the People of the Way. Today CTU is a vital institution serving the church and the wider public in ways that are making real change, and it is because you joined us on the journey—a journey that started centuries ago. Thank you.

You can make a lasting impact on the future of CTU’s ministerial training through bequests, trusts, annuities, and other channels. The arena of planned giving offers many creative and flexible giving options that can benefit you and CTU. Consider, for example, donating real estate, stocks, marketable securities, or other assets in return for a series of regular payments. Many planned giving options offer generous tax benefits as well.

You need not be wealthy to leave a legacy. One member, CTU alumnus David Fukuzawa, says, “After years of making increasingly larger annual gifts to CTU, it was a simple matter to move to a different level and join The Way Society with a planned gift.”

We would welcome the chance to discuss gift planning with you. Please feel free to contact Colleen Kennedy at ckennedy@ctu.edu or 773.371.5417 to further the conversation.