A Life Changing Trip

FOR more than 25 years, the late Fr. Donald Senior, CP led board members, friends, and alumni of CTU on life changing trips to the Lands of the Bible. Borne out of Fr. Don’s teaching in CTU’s overseas study program in Israel as a member of the biblical faculty, these trips became a unique and important way for individuals to engage with the mission of CTU. Sr. Barbara Reid took on the mantle of expertly leading the Lands of the Bible trips in fall 2022.

Over the decades, traditional CTU tour destinations have included the Holy Land: Israel, Jordan and Palestine; the Footsteps of St. Paul in Greece & Turkey; and the Land of Egypt. In the coming years, CTU will explore new horizons, looking first to Spain and the strong inter religious traditions of the Abrahamic faiths in the country.

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Participants on the CTU trips reflect on their experiences as enjoyable, memorable, and even life changing. The carefully curated itineraries allow for the perfect mix of scriptural, historical, spiritual, archaeological, geo-political and cultural aspects of these sacred lands.

We hope to see you soon on a CTU Lands of the Bible excursion.


Our visit to Israel and Jordan explores some of the most fascinating scenery and historical sites in the world, ones with profound meaning for our Christian heritage. One of the highlights of our trip is always a visit with members of the Christian community in Bethlehem.

Our journey begins in Israel, visiting all the major biblical sites including the flowered hills of Galilee, the majestic vistas of the desert, and the haunting beauty of Jerusalem. Participants visit fascinating places most commercial tours never dream of. The CTU trip also includes a few days in Jordan, a land of extraordinary beauty and warm hospitality–exploring important sites such as Mount Nebo, Madabah and, of course, Petra, one of the true wonders of the world. Particularly in Israel Sr. Barbara has the privilege of introducing friends of CTU to the biblical sites and the other remarkable traces of history that are there, offering background on the biblical and archaeological significance of each place.


Entitled “The Birth of Christianity,” this travel program explores historical sites in Greece and Turkey made sacred by the presence of the Apostle Paul but also by the Evangelists John, Matthew and Luke, and other early Christian leaders.

As the Acts of the Apostles testifies, Paul himself blazed a trail through some of the most fascinating parts of the ancient Mediterranean world, planting Christian communities wherever he went. No other area in the world can match the natural beauty and spectacular archaeological and historical sites connected with the first traces of the early Church as it moved out beyond the boundaries of Israel into the wider Gentile world.  Here one finds the historical foundations not only of the New Testament itself, but also the development of the earliest Apostolic Church as it began to take root in the Greco-Roman world. Our trip begins in Thessaloniki and continues south through the Greek countryside Berea, Vergina, Meteora, and to the wonders of Athens and Corinth.  From there we fly to Ephesus, and the natural wonders of Turkey including Cappadocia, and of course, Istanbul.


In many ways ancient Egypt was the “mother” civilization for the entire biblical drama, its culture and outreach leaving their mark throughout the Middle East. The people of Israel were forged during their sojourn in Egypt; their miraculous deliverance from Egypt in the exodus remains a constant reference point for the biblical story. In the New Testament we hear of the flight of the Holy Family to take refuge in Egypt and learn about the movements of early Christianity to Egypt and northern Africa in the Acts of the Apostles and from allusions in Paul’s letters. In Egypt began the monastic movement and it remains a stronghold of the Christian faith today.

The history and archaeology of Egypt is nothing less than awe-inspiring and our trip takes it all in.  We begin in Cairo, with the classical guided tours of the Cairo Museum, the pyramids and sphinx of Giza, the ancient capital of Memphis, and all of the fascinating wonders of this world city and its environs.  From there we fly to Luxor in upper Egypt, the site of the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens with their spectacular royal tombs, along with the magnificent Temple of Karnak and the Luxor Temple. Our visit to Luxor is never complete without a boat ride on a Faluka, the ancient type of sailing ship that still rides the Nile River. After our stay in Luxor, we return to Cairo for further visits to the sites of that great city and for a tour of some of the ancient Coptic monasteries in Wadi Natrun, a half-day drive north of Cairo, which claims to be the birthplace of Christian monasticism.

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